Balancing Motherhood and Freelancing

Jul 23, 2023 | Mum Blog

Welcome to my blog! I’m really glad that you stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. I’m a full-time stay-at-home mum blessed with adorable twin boys and a part time tech-savvy freelance web designer crafting websites for businesses. You might be wondering if I’m still getting sleep, or how much coffee do I drink, or if this is all humanly possible. Well, it’s no cakewalk, but it’s possible, though not without its challenges. In this blog, let’s talk about how I balance motherhood and freelancing and you might be able to do too!

Embracing the Role of a Full-Time Mum

My day kicks off when the boys wake up, making me a morning person against my own will. Our days are filled with laughter, giggles, and, yes, occasional tears – both theirs and mine. My mum shift ends around 6:30ish in the evening when the boys drift off to sleep, and then I’m on-call throughout the night.

Being a mum has been the most demanding and fulfilling role I’ve ever taken on. The challenges are never-ending – my coffee often gets cold before I can even take a sip, and a quick trip to the bathroom can lead to hysterical cries as if I’ve been gone for ages. But amid the chaos, the joy of witnessing my boys’ smiles, giggles, and every new milestone they achieve reaffirms my decision to be a full-time mum, to be there for all their precious firsts. I understand that this may not be feasible for everyone, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity that I have. I’m thankful for having a husband that understands and supports me to make all these possible. While I may not enjoy every single moment, I treasure each one of them dearly.

Part-time career woman

In addition to being a full-time mum, I’m a seasoned web designer with over 6 years of experience, three of which I’ve spent freelancing. I’ve always wanted to be a freelancer because I wanted to balance family life and a thriving career. Little did I know that motherhood would be so demanding and adding work into the mix makes it all the more challenging. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing – there are days I’m flourishing and thriving and there are days I’m barely surviving. But I’m still here, learning and growing.

Finding the balance between motherhood and freelancing

There’s only one spot at the top of the priority list. For me, it’s a no brainer. Family takes the top spot with everything else falling in line beneath it. Finding balance, I discovered, doesn’t necessarily mean. There’s a sweet spot where I can fully embrace motherhood while also dedicating time to myself and my career.

While it’s possible for me to continue working as a freelancer, I certainly need to make some adjustments. Though it means I might miss out on some exciting opportunities, it also empowers me to choose projects that align with my career goals. 

Learning to say no has been a crucial lesson. A friend once wisely told me, “saying yes to something means saying no to another.” So, I now carefully consider each opportunity, aware of my own limits and needs. I’ve come to appreciate the importance of self-awareness and knowing when to pause. Pushing myself too hard compromises my well-being, affecting my interactions with others and how I handle daily stressors. Before saying yes, I pause and ask myself, “What am I saying no to in return?”

The journey to finding balance is ongoing, and I’ve learned to accept that I can’t have it all or do it all simultaneously. Embracing this truth has brought a sense of peace and clarity, allowing me to savour each moment with my family and nurture my career in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling.

I encourage you to explore your own path to balance. Your balance might mean something completely different from mine so I encourage you to look into yourself and find what that means for you. Remember, it’s okay to set boundaries, prioritise your well-being, and make choices that resonate with your aspirations and values.

Finding My Voice through Writing

As a web designer, I’m well-versed in code and design, but writing is a whole new terrain for me. I took the plunge and started this blog with a purpose – to share my experiences and knowledge, hoping that it might guide someone else feeling as lost as I once did when my motherhood journey began.

Join Me on this Journey

In this blog, I’ll be candidly sharing tips and tricks for raising twins, managing a home, and navigating the dynamic world of freelancing. I’ll offer insights into time management, tech tools for savvy mums, quick recipes, and how I balance work and family life.

Whether you’re a fellow stay-at-home mum, a freelancer, or simply someone looking for inspiration, I invite you to join me on this rollercoaster ride of love, laughter, and learning.

Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button to stay updated with my latest posts! Let’s embark on this incredible journey together.

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